My Resume


Arista Pemberton


310-906-7917 /

P.O. Box 3463 Culver City Ca, 90231

Hair: Dark brown hair                                                 Height: 5’5”

Eyes: Dark brown                                                        Weight: 210



Lackawanna Blues                             Fish Fry Guest                     George C. Wolfe

Waist Deep                                         Extra


Bones                                                  Dancer                                  Fox Broadcasting Company

Soul Train                                            Dancer                                  Don Cornelius productions   

American Idol                                     Singer                                    Fox Broadcasting Company

Dance 360*                                         Dancer                                  Paramount Domestic Television

The Drop Cable Television Show      Dancer                                  Manhattan cable television show

BET HIV Awareness                          Interviewee                          Black Entertainment Television Co.



Hansel and Gretel                              Dancer                                  State Playhouse

West Angeles Church Theater           Actress                                 West Angeles Church

The wizard of Oz                                Actress/ Dancer                    Venice High School

“Have No Worries”                           Singer                                    Taste of Soul/ Crenshaw Festival

Special Skills              

Singing, Dancing, Acting, Modeling, Choreography, Song Writing, Karate, and Spanish


Cal State University Los Angeles College