"It's not about me but about God"

      Arista Pemberton was born on September 1, 1984 in Alhambra California. Arista realized that she loved to dance at age 4. And she started singing at age 7. She would perform any and everywhere she could. She did many talent shows and performances. She loved to dance, sing, act, model,  and write music.

      When Arista was 16 years old she went to the studio to record her first song. After that, nothing could stop her. She started dancing on Soul Train. After that Arista started to record many songs. She realized that she had a good hand for writing her own music. It was just something easy for her to do. Her mother Trudy Pemberton would always take her to many auditions, even when she was sick. Arista was also on the television show called "Bones" and she auditioned for "American Idol". Arista also had a part in the movie called "Lackawanna Blues". She also love to teach dance.

       When Arista was a young child she realized she was different from most kids. She accepted Christ into her life at an early age. She love to worship God. Arista realized that she wanted to do Gospel music. She wants her Gospel music played on all radio stations. She wants to be different from most people, and she is. She is definitely unique. Arista contiues to sing and will never stop until she reaches the top. One of her favorite saying is " It's not about me but about God".